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to know it is to translate it

as it says, so it is

Máðelane, ú lerani türiki sriþak imni yaxkoraxani
What's likely to be visible here concerns musical composition and performance, mine and that of others. There are also some notes concerning the care and maintenance of side-blown bamboo flutes.

There used to be more here, but my stalkers found it too entertaining. I'm probably not the woman you're looking for, anyway, and she doesn't want to talk to you either. ^_^

I really have to hammer that point home: cyberstalking, trolling, online harassment -- they are all part of why so many women self-silence themselves from full participation on the Internet. Life's lessons (hard-learned and now hard-wired) include learning to never reveal my location, travel plans, or current appearance (dammit!) in real-time. I have endured break-ins and ransackings of my dwelling-places, and have learned that moving house to unpredictable new locations is pro-survival.

We are the majority of people. Why do we continue to put up with patriarchal violence and efforts to control us akin to chattel livestock? Why, oh why? How, in these modern times, can this be allowed to continue?

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User Number: 1015759
Date Created:2003-04-20
Number of Posts: 461

Máðelane is a rather complicated elf girl who seems to be optimised for viewing things on the other side of high mountains. She talks to ravens, who sometimes talk back to her.
Strengths: Runs multiple processes fluently, seeks concord in all things.
Weaknesses: Runs multiple processes fluently, seeks concord in all things.
Special Skills: Exists.
Weapons: Acerbic tongue, penetrating gaze, quizzical expressions. +3 on all dice rolls against the Human patriarchy.
Favourite beverage: Tea, lapsang souchong, black, cold, no sugar.

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